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Domestic Violence Counseling and Assessments

Advanced Awareness Counseling, LLC. is state licensed for Mental Health Outpatient and Domestic Violence treatment. We carry out a full domestic violence treatment program which includes domestic violence counseling and assessments. We offer full domestic violence assessments to both court ordered and voluntary clients, we engage in treatment planning according the regulations of the state, and offer domestic violence counseling in group counseling settings as well as in individual counseling settings; we offer transition planning, and additional services as required. 

The overall goal of the domestic violence offender treatment program is to complete a domestic violence assessment from which a treatment plan will be created and to utilize proven therapeutic techniques that will affect attitudes and behaviors resulting in increased victim safety and cessation of abusive conduct.

We at Advanced Awareness Counseling feel strongly that domestic violence offenders are entitled to high quality treatment, in a high quality environment, and are to be given the upmost respect. We actively fight against the stigma placed on these clients, as we believe that these individuals are strong, intelligent, respectable people who have found themselves in a difficult situation.  

Our goal is to help you as the client to successfully navigate through your legal and therapeutic matters to help you reach resolve.

Areas addressed in our domestic violence offender treatment program include the following:

Domestic Violence Assessment

Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic violence awareness

Effects of domestic violence on significant others and children

Personal Accountability

Thinking errors and cognitive distortions

Role of family and others in addressing long term patterns of violence

Use of power and control tactics


Awareness and application of self-control, including anger management

Self-validation and affirmation

Equality and safety in relationships

Communication skills and health communication

Victim empathy

Relapse prevention

Gender stereotyping

Peaceful conflict resolution