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Jay Snyder, M.S.W, LCSW  

We are very pleased that Mr. Jay Snyder, MSW, LCSW has joined our team! He is a dynamic and positive therapist that uses strategies to empower his clients. He is also a gender affirming and supporting therapist. 

  • Jay's Therapy

Here's a quick glance at a few ideas behind what I do:

I see a person of what ever age with their inherant sense of dignity and work with their self-determination; I aid in the healing, brainstorming or clarifying process if a person is willing to change; if and when diagnoses are necessary for insurance or validation then that is all it is-not as an identifier of who the person is, the person is much more than that; I operate with the idea we are all learning! Let's look where you want to go, not just where you don't. I work to start noticing strengths, what is working and what is going well and how we can use this in different areas of life.  

Therapy is not about me. During our meetings I take the role of the guide not as the expert. The idea is you becoming more the expert of your life as you learn. I will, however, guide your process more or less at times, ask you important questions when needed, and challenge your thoughts and assumptions if they seem to work against you. To offset the honesty, reflection and mindfulness my therapeutic style also include some humor and fun-although that is a relative term.

I work fulltime within schools, so I am well versed working with kids of all ages, from kindergarten to seniors. I am also well versed working with the adults having challenges with kids of these ages.

Before moving into mental health I worked within fitness and wellness for over ten years. I use this understanding in multiple ways including creating boundaries, prioritizing, need for play and self-care.  

I feel it is important you find someone you can feel very comfortable with. If you have questions feel free to give me a call. I can return phone calls after 4:15pm M-F. 

Education: M.S.W. Brigham Young University (Social Work); B.S. Utah Valley University (Psychology)

Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Utah) #8598695-3501

Direct Contact: Jay Snyder, CSW may be contacted directly for bookings: (435) 767-1373 or at 

[email protected]

Jay works out of the Sandy location on select days as well as out of the Orem location on select days; all 

sessions are by appointment only.