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Therapeutic Acting Classes for Autism and Social Anxiety

Led by Marissa Sherman and Associates

What is it?

Marissa Sherman has worked with individuals diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Social Anxiety throughout her career.  

Realizing that a large distressing factor and barrier to ideal functioning and life satisfaction for these clients was not knowing how to "act" the "right way" in social settings, Marissa decided to initiate a therapeutic acting course specifically designed to help those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder learn to become masters of their environments using both therapeutic techniques and acting techniques. 

Marissa, with the help of her associates, will walk you through scenarios, vignettes, and circumstances you will encounter in life and provide you with the tools to show navigate these situations. 

Marissa Sherman is a trained actress and singer and had an active acting and singing/performing career since her teenage years. She has been in several short films and feature length films and has participated in several film festivals. Marissa has also been a live singing performer for large audiences on the West Coast and in Mexico. She teaches from her experience and infuses the lessons with ways to build confidence and feel a sense of mastery.

Who can sign up:

Currently, our therapeutic acting classes are designed for ages 13-17 and 18+. Classes will be initiated when sufficient interest and membership is reached.

We do not practice ABA therapy at this time and work with those who feel they ready to take the next step in improving their social functioning and comfort.