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Substance Abuse Treatment 

SUDC Counselors help people who have alcohol and other drugs related issues. They counsel addicts, those who are concerned they may become addicts, and on occasion their loved ones. A SUDC does not prescribe medication or provide medical or psychological therapy. They usually help with practical problems, for example, helping a client find a job. In individual or group counseling settings a SUDC would help the client:

  • identify behaviors and problems related to their substance use
  • talk about, understand, and cope with problems
  • develop personalized recovery programs
  • establish healthy behaviors and coping strategies

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We are licensed by the Department of Human Services to provide outpatient treatment to those struggling with substance abuse issues. 

We are court approved to provide this treatment. We also accept self-referred clients.

We use a variety of empirically validated methods and effective therapeutic techniques to address the client's core concerns with addiction and/or dependence. 

All of our providers are prepared to address treatment in this area. 

Ariel Schaefer, our SUDC who begins in August 2018, will offer regularly scheduled substance abuse treatment in both Utah County and Salt Lake County.